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Physicians and Therapists

Thank you for visiting the Back Bubble! We have been in the business of helping people with lower back problems since 1985. Our product helps people to regain their ability to fully enjoy life without having to suffer from debilitating back pain.

Watch our videos and read the medical studies to see all that we have to offer those who suffer from lower back pain.

We offer special pricing for physicians and therapists as well as simplified referral agreements. Please call our toll free number 1-800-457-7246 and help us share The Back Bubble® with your friends!

Scientific Proof


“It is my conclusion that repetitive use of the Back Bubble will have an accumulative effect in stopping the pain, spasm cycle in people with lower back pain”

Dr George Sargetis


“Two Minutes of Back Bubble traction caused an immediate reduction in mechanical low back pain in all eleven subjects.”

Dr. Michael Hubka